Why Aeroponic Cultivation?

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Association (NASA), aeroponic systems allow for clean, efficient, and rapid plant cultivation. There are significant advantages to growing plants aeroponically.

Contamination free

  • Aeroponics can limit disease transmission since plant-to-plant contact is reduced, each spray pulse can be sterile and there is no contamination from soil, pesticides or residue
  • Bio controls maintain facility sanitization through proprietary methods

Automated precision agriculture

  • With sensor technology, aeroponic systems enable automatic data collection and networked bio-monitoring with real time production analytics
  • Automation in monitoring the environment for optimal growing conditions and inventory control

Increased Harvest Cycles and Crop Yield

  • In aeroponic systems, crops are isolated from seasonal change and can be harvested year-round. Harvest cycles can become faster.
  • Aeroponics increases efficiency and improves yield over growing in soil by using nutrient spray cycles
  • Dynamic nutrient dosing allows for precise management of plant growth for high quality yields

Crop Consistency

  • New plants are cloned ensuring that growing results can be both predicted and replicated consistently