An agricultural technician will be an expert in mathematics, engineering, technology, and science. They will be working in animal science, food, and machinery. An agricultural technician career will help you to study in detail various subjects related to mathematics, and natural science. It will be a combination of fieldwork and office work. This is a perfect career for people interested in improving the farming industry and environment. 

Who are agricultural technicians?

Agricultural technicians utilize food, animal, and environmental science to enhance agricultural practices, equipment, and crops. The primary responsibilities of an agricultural technician will be related to their field of study. Here are some of the areas where agricultural technicians show their skills. 

  • Animal Health

Technicians focusing on animal health will work with veterinarians and scientists to improve animal life. This area will be ideal for people interested in veterinary science and animals. Their duties are

  • Carrying out experiments
  • Listing observations
  • Developing food recipes for animals
  • Learning breeding programs
  • Testing animal fertility
  • Gathering animal samples for health studies
  • Managing vaccines
  • Taking part in various animal rehabilitation programs
  • Farm machinery

These technicians will be focusing on different works relating to farm machinery to assist in human labor in agriculture and operate various heavy machines like sprayers, hay balers, backhoes, and tractors. This is a perfect career option for people interested in machines and farming. Their duties are

  • Operating various equipment in farming
  • Designing farmland layout
  • Planting and fertilizing crops
  • Maintaining the ground
  • Maintenance of the machinery
  • Agricultural chemicals

Some agricultural technicians will be focusing on agricultural chemicals that utilize chemistry to increase crop production. They will try to improve the quality as well as quantity of the production and develop innovative methods for the farmers to adopt. Becoming an agricultural chemist will be extremely enjoyable for people interested in food and science. Their duties are

  • Developing pesticides and fertilizers
  • Supervising fertilization
  • Gathering samples of plants for experiments and studies
  • Improving soil quality
  • Studying different planting techniques

How to become a skilled agricultural technician?

Formal education as well as experience are necessary to become a skilled agricultural technician. Here are some steps that should be followed to become an expert in this profession.

  • Study math and science

High school students must choose math and science as their electives if they want to pursue this career. Taking advanced classes will be helpful to get into college courses. There are high schools that allow students to get college credit even before their graduation. You can ask your school if they provide this option.

  • Get a college degree

Several agricultural technicians enroll for an associate degree in chemistry, biology, or animal science to get the basic knowledge required to pursue this career. Some people get a bachelor’s degree to earn some extra expertise that would increase job opportunities. For such a degree, you can get a major in animal science, agricultural engineering, crop science, biology, or chemistry. 

  • Get experience

Relevant experience in the field will be an added advantage in this career. You can do an internship or get into an entry-level job to gain experience. You can widen your career network with more experience.

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