Welcome to Agrios Global Holdings Ltd.

Agrios Global Holdings is a data analytics driven agriculture technology and services company advancing the latest innovations in indoor growing science. The growth of data-driven agriculture technology has the potential to tackle worldwide societal issues. A data-driven approach makes a genuine impact, especially in places where farming is a means of existence and people suffer with environmental and climatic issues like crop loss. The blockchain technology allows the collection of accurate data and gives transparency to all parties concerned. The blockchain, which serves as the foundation for bitcoin, enables farmers to conduct even micro transactions more easily. Examine many traders’ bitcoin storm erfahrungen to determine the profit potential of the crypto robots on the market.

The Company leases and manages properties and equipment for eco-sustainable agronomy and provides advisory services to support all aspects of aeroponic cultivation in the cannabis sector. Agrios is actively pursuing new opportunities to expand its portfolio of tenant growers and infrastructure assets in strategic licensed jurisdictions.

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